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Category : SEX JOKES
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The Three Holes

A business man went to the city for an interview but there were no hotels to stay at; and so, he drove to the outskirts of town and saw a farm.

The business man walked up to the farmer and asked if he could spend the night in the barn. The famer replied, "Yes, just don't stick your d*ck in any of the three holes that you see there."

The business man said, "O.K. sure thing." So just before the business man went to sleep, curiosity got the best of him and he started thinking about the three holes. And so he stuck his d*ck in the firsst hole and said, "hey, that's not that bad"; he stuck his d*ck in the second hole and said, "hey that's even better; and at last he stuck his d*ck in the third and final hole and immediately started screaming for dear life.

The farmer ran out of his house shouting "I told you not to stick your d*ck in the three holes. The business man replied in agony, What's in the three holes?????

The farmer looks and replies, "Well the first one's my dog Milley, the second one's my daughter Daisy, and well the third one's a milk machine and won't stop until it hits 40 gallons!!!

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