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Easter Lines

What's a chocolate drop?
Depends what it was carrying.

Where does the Easter Bunny go on his holidays?

Patient: Doctor, doctor, I think my head's turning into an egg!
Doctor (puzzled): Hmm, let me take a look and see if I can crack it.

Which famous bunny has his own daytime chat show?
Rabbit Kilroy-Silk

Who is the Easter Bunny's favorite comedian?
Harey Hill

Why couldn't the Frenchman finish his Easter dinner?
He'd just had an oeuf.

Knock knock
Who's there?
Easter who?
Easter doorbell working properly? There was no answer so I thought I'd better knock!

What do you get if you cross the presenter of a Channel 5 karaoke show with a floppy-eared, carrot-munching, cartoon character?
Suggs Bunny

What's so good about an Easter egg hunt?
It's egg-sighting!

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