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Section I: About the Terms of Service

All users, viewers, and visitors (hereinafter also referred to as guests, members, you, and/or your) MUST carefully read, fully understand, and unconditionally agree to all of the terms in the following, Ratejokes.com (hereinafter also referred to as Ratejokes, us, we, our site, this site, the site, creators, system operators, owners, developers, officers, founders, associates, and/or representatives)'s Terms of Service (hereinafter also referred to as TOS) and Privacy Policy prior to any direct or indirect use of the site or use of any content, material, or service provided by this site, its users, viewers, visitors, creators, officers, owners, associates, partners, and/or affiliates in any way. Furthermore, users should be capable of legally entering this contract; in most cases this means that users should be at least eighteen (18) years of age. Use of the site includes, but is not limited to the following: viewing, using, linking to or from, downloading, saving, and/or otherwise in anyway accessing any content, material, or service provided by Ratejokes and/or any of its associates, representatives, sponsors, affiliates, users, viewers, visitors, members, founders, owners, developers, and/or creators. All current and new content and service(s) (unless explicitly stated otherwise) of Ratejokes and its associates are subject to this TOS. This TOS functions as an agreement between you and Ratejokes and governs your use of Ratejokes in any way or form. Moreover, this TOS overrides any prior agreement(s) between the user and Ratejokes (unless explicitly stated otherwise). The failure of Ratejokes or any of its affiliates, associates and/or representative to enforce or otherwise exercise any right(s) and/or provision(s) of this TOS (or right(s) and/or provision(s) granted by any other content provided by Ratejokes) should not function as a waiver of such right(s) and/or provision(s).

The terms of this TOS and the Privacy Policy are subject to change at any time without notice. Users must carefully read, fully understand and unconditionally agree to any and all further update(s) or change(s) made to this TOS and the Privacy Policy. This TOS shall be made readily available, but from time to time it may be unavailable due to system problems, updates, and/or other inconveniences. Therefore, all users are strongly encouraged to print and keep available the most recent version of this TOS whenever possible.

Ratejokes, its owners, representatives, associates, developers, creators, officers, partners, operators, and/or affiliates are in no way liable or responsible for action(s) of user(s), visitor(s), viewer(s), guest(s), member(s), or otherwise other parties who in any way (directly or indirectly) violate the terms of this TOS. Moreover, we are not responsible for any consequence(s), harm(s), damage(s), injuries, or any type(s) of inconvenience(s) resulting from, caused by, arising (directly or indirectly) from, or related to action(s) of user(s), visitor(s), viewer(s), guest(s), member(s), or other parties who in some way (directly or indirectly) violate the terms of this TOS.

All terms of the Ratejokes Privacy Policy are a part of this TOS. Therefore, by agreeing to this TOS you indicate that you have carefully read, fully understood, and unconditionally agreed to all of the terms Ratejokes Privacy Policy. All users, visitors, viewers, members, guests, and other parties hereby acknowledge that any claim in regards to or in relevance with the service(s) offered by Ratejokes must be brought to attention and filed within twelve (12) months after the cause of the claim arose or be forever forgotten.

Section II: The Nature of Our Services

Ratejokes is currently designed to function as a means for Internet users all over the world to share and rate each other's joke(s). Services and content offered by Ratejokes, its associates, affiliates, and representatives are intended to be available to anyone at least 18 years of age who can provide his/her own equipment and ISP to access them.

Section III: Submitting Jokes and Using Other Service(s)

As a registered member of Ratejokes you have the privilege to submit jokes to be rated by visitors and members. Ratejokes reserves the right to take away this privilege at any time for any reason we see fit. Ratejokes does not guarantee any of its services or content to be available at all times. From time to time, users may be unable to use services offered by Ratejokes due to maintenance, system errors or further disruptions. Jokes that are posted should be approved by our staff before they are put into active rotation and/or viewed by our guests, visitors, viewers, users, and members. To be approved for active rotation the joke should be deemed appropriate and be placed in the appropriate category. Ratejokes reserves the right to not upload a joke into rotation for any reason whatsoever. Ratejokes also reserves the right to remove any joke (temporarily or permanently) from rotation that is deemed inappropriate for any reason at anytime.

Jokes that may be deemed inappropriate include, but are not limited to, lewd, offensive, vulgar, or explicit jokes. Additionally, jokes that contain URL's, e-mail addresses or other forms of contact information are prohibited. Jokes may not contain messages that may be deemed as racially, ethnically or otherwise hateful. To have the best chances of getting your joke(s) approved, please submit only tasteful and appropriate jokes into the correct category.

All users hereby fully agree that by providing any material/content to Ratejokes you lose all exclusive rights to it. Ratejokes reserves all rights to reproduce, distribute, reformat, resize or otherwise alter any joke submitted to Ratejokes. Additionally, you waive any state granted rights pertaining to jokes, content, or material posted to Ratejokes.

Posting copyrighted content, jokes, or material which you do not own the copyright to is considered a serious offense of International Laws as well as these Ratejokes terms of service. Ratejokes is not liable or responsible for any copyrighted material posted on our site. We do, however, support the standards set by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. For more information about the standards set by DMCA and other copyright issues, please visit http://lcweb.loc.gov/copyright

Section IV: Visiting, Viewing and Accessing the Site

Users may view and rate joke(s) submitted by other users provided that they are AT LEAST 18 YEARS OF AGE AND IT IS LEGAL TO DO SO IN THEIR AREA PER THE TERMS OF THIS TOS. Ratejokes makes NO GUARANTEE that the web site will be available at all times to post, view or rate jokes and/or use any other service provided by Ratejokes or its affiliates.

Although Ratejokes moderates the content of the site to a certain extent, Ratejokes, its affiliates, associates, and representatives IN NO WAY GUARANTEE THAT THE SITE WILL BE FREE FROM PORNOGRAPHIC, VULGAR, HATEFUL, INAPPROPRIATE, IMPROPER, UNETHICAL, TASTELESS OR OTHERWISE OFFENSIVE MATERIAL OR CONTENT. Moreover, Ratejokes, its affiliates, associates, and representatives are in no way liable or responsible for any vulgar, hateful, tasteless, or otherwise offensive message(s) or other material/content posted by users, visitor, members, guests, and/or viewers. You are viewing, visiting, using, downloading, linking to/from, or otherwise accessing the content, services, and/or material provided by this site and/or its affiliates/representatives AT YOUR OWN RISK.

You understand that all data, content, text, pictures, messages, and other material (whether publicly or privately transmitted) are sole responsibility of the person who transmitted or originated the content. In that respect, Ratejokes, its affiliates, associates, owners, officers, creators, and/or developers are in no way liable or responsible for user uploaded, transmitted, posted, or otherwise made available data, messages, pictures, or any other type of material or content.

Users who decide to sign up for the Ratejokes free daily newsletter agree to receive free jokes in their email. These emails sent to users may contain advertisements from third parties or other links that our staff uploads. Ratejokes is not responsible or liable for any damages, injuries, or any type of loss, harm and/or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly as a result of any third party links inside our newsletters. The TOS and privacy policy of any third party site must be adhered to when leaving the Ratejokes site.

By viewing, visiting, downloading, linking to/from, accessing or otherwise using the site in any way, you completely indemnify Ratejokes and all of its owners, creators, officers, developers, system operators, affiliates, associates, and representatives from any liability or responsibility for any damage, harm, compensation, reimbursement, injury and/or loss directly or indirectly caused by the services/content/concepts/material provided by Ratejokes, its affiliates, representatives, users, viewers, members, visitors, guests, owners, creators, sponsors, officers and/or any other associates (this also includes attorney fees). All services and/or content/material offered by Ratejokes and/or its affiliates are provided in the form of "AS IS" & "AS AVAILABLE" and Ratejokes makes NO GUARANTEES to the timeliness, security, accuracy or precision of services, data, material, and/or content contained on the site or produced by any of Ratejokes' owners, developers, creators, associates, affiliates, sponsors, officers, users, visitors, viewers, and/or representatives. Although user content posted to Ratejokes is moderated to a certain extent, users hereby fully understand that content posted by users, visitors, and/or viewers of Ratejokes may at times be racially, ethnically or otherwise hateful and/or in some way offensive, vulgar, inappropriate, explicit in nature. Users hereby agree that they will in no way hold Ratejokes or any of its owners, creators, developers, representatives, and/or associates liable or responsible for any damages, reimbursements, injuries or any type of loss, harm, and/or inconvenience incurred directly or indirectly as a result of offensiveness, inconvenience, inappropriateness, insecurity, inaccuracy and/or by any other aspect of the content associated with the site and/or any content of any other site affiliated or linked to or from Ratejokes.

Section V: Improper Use of Ratejokes

Ratejokes may terminate your account if any of the services provided by Ratejokes are used in an improper fashion. Improper use of the site or Ratejokes services includes (but is not limited to): Harassing or stalking another user/member/visitor/viewer of Ratejokes; breaking any law (local, state, national, or international); posting, transmitting, uploading, and/or otherwise making available any improper text/message/picture/material/content (please see the Posting Pictures section for more information); harming others (especially minors) in any way via the use of Ratejokes service(s); impersonating or otherwise acting as another person, entity, or organization (this includes, but is not limited to, impersonation of Ratejokes affiliates, associates, officers, creators, developers, users, viewers, visitors, system operators, members, and/or representatives); and any other use that Ratejokes or its affiliates, associates, creators, and/or owners may see as being somehow improper.

Additionally, services and material provided, created, developed, or otherwise offered by Ratejokes and its affiliates are sole properties of Ratejokes, its owners, and affiliates. Ratejokes STRICTLY FORBIDS any reselling, duplication, and/or redistribution of any service or content (and/or access to any service or content) provided by Ratejokes without a fully documented and valid authorization agreement (made by Ratejokes) specifically permitting said activities.

Section VI: Private Data

You agree to provide true, accurate, current, and complete information about yourself and constantly keep your account information updated, true, and accurate. Ratejokes forbids users, visitors, viewers, guests, or any other party, from attempting or successfully gaining access to data that is not meant to be available to public. This includes all successful or unsuccessful attempts to wrongfully view or in any way improperly access other users' private or contact data, per the terms of this TOS and our Privacy Policy. If you in any way become aware of any unauthorized use of an account and/or any breach in security, you agree to notify Ratejokes immediately. You are responsible for logging out and ending your Ratejokes session; Ratejokes, its associates, affiliates, creators, owners, and/or representatives are in no way liable or responsible for any type of harm, loss, injury, inconvenience, or damage resulting from a user account not properly logging off. For more information on privacy issues and what data is considered to be "public," please read our Privacy Policy.

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